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Ladies and gentlemen,

 We are pleased to welcome you on our website!

    If you are overworked people who want to take advantage of a moment of respite, relaxation and seeking professional care for their complexion, as well as those who expect extraordinary, exclusive treatments outside of home life, come to us.
Using the high-class treatments offered in our parlour, you will feel relaxed and your complexion will gain a radiant and youthful appearance.
   We especially encourage you to take advantage of the innovative treatments developed by the French company Guinot with the participation of the latest Hydraderm Cellular Energy device. After the treatments, the skin is moisturized, oxygenated and brightened. These effective treatments have become an alternative to aesthetic medicine treatments.
   If you decide on a natural skin beautification procedure, we encourage you to Aromatic treatment with essential oils and plant extracts. This soothing sense and body treatment will take you to the land of beautiful beauty and inner peace. The Age summum treatment, directed to people with mature skin, rich in rituals and preparations based on the latest cosmetology achievements, will help reduce the signs of skin aging. This unique treatment starts with the application of Gommage Dermabrasion peel, followed by a regenerating serum with 56 biologically active ingredients and a concentrated vitamin C and mask preceded by a massage.
  In addition, our offer includes a wide range of authorial treatments (which include: peeling, serum, mask, massage and cream) directed to people with different types of skin, corresponding to different preferences and needs of the client.
  The care for health and aesthetics of feet is becoming everyday. In order to meet these needs, we have chosen treatments that will eliminate the ailments and allow you to care for the future.
 Skilful skin care should be continued in the comfort of your home, which is why we have prepared for you a range of cosmetics for daily care, which will sustain the effects of treatments for many days and prevent the formation of adverse changes in the skin. In our offer you will also find dermocosmetics and ecocosmetics.
 Ladies and Gentlemen, we assure you that using our treatments your complexion will be surrounded with proper care and will be happy to come back for further treatments.

We invite you to acguaint
with our detailed offer, and in order to set the date of visit, please contact us:

by e-mail: gabinet.noemiruth@wp.pl
by phone: 783 003 037
or in person: Jan III Sobieskiego street 55a in Luboń.

 Enjoy !!!
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