List of cosmetic treatments

Treatments of the Guinot Institute
Facial treatments for the neck and neckline using Hydradermie Cellular Energy and Guinot cosmetics (dynamic ionization, serum, massage, mask, cream)

Hydradermie Cellular Energy Youth
Hydradermie Cellular Energy Lift
Hydradermie Cellular Energy Lift de Luxe

Author's procedures
Treatments for the neck, neckline and eye area with the participation of the Hydraderm Cellular Energy device, serum, massage, mask and cream
Age Summum (manual anti aging)
Aromatic facial (treatment based on essential oils)
Hydra Peeling (treatment based on fruit acids - year-round)

Treatments for the eye area (serum, mask, cream)
Eye Logic treatment for the eye area
A series of three treatments

Treatments for face, neck and neckline from beauty sources based on cosmetics by Guinot (serum, mask, cream)
Source of comfort (dry skin)
Source of hydration (dehydrated skin)
Source of youth (aging skin)
Source of balance (acne skin)
Source of delicacy (sensitive skin)
Source of tension (lifting treatments)
Source of radiance (gray skin, smoker)

Facial and body treatments using devices to connect with Guinot treatments or self-use
Microdermabrasion of face and body
Cavitation peeling face, neck, neckline
Manual cleaning

Microneedle mesotherapy
Abdomen and thigh

Body treatments
Ecotreatment slimming and revitalizing the body "Raspberry Body Wellness"
Ecotreatment Slimming and revitalizing for body "Raspberry Body Wellness" (package of 3 treatments)
A treatment with a serum on the body

Treatments with AHA acids (fruit)
Almond acid
Lactobionic acid, gluconolactone, azelaic acid
Pyruvic acid

Hand care
Classic manicure       Biological manicure         Nail painting
Manicure SPA           Peeling

Henna for eyelashes and eyebrows          Eyebrow regulation
Wax and laser hair removal
Beard     Mustache and beard     Outer side of the hand       Whole hands
Bikini    Armpits    Calf     Thighs       Whole legs

List of selected podological treatments

Podology consultation
Podological pedicure
Pedicure podological with foot massage
Nail dock and file
Cut and filing overgrown nails
Development of skin calluses
Development of a problematic nail
Removing the corn / call
Removing warts (viral warts)
Control during the treatment of warts
Dressing with the use of a medicinal preparation
Discharge dressing
Dressing - tamponade for one nail
Hydrogel dressing with the preparation
Taking material from the nail plate for mycological examination
Collection of material for bacteriological examination
Japanese pedicure by P. Shine
SPA pedicure
Classic pedicure

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